Ecritel renews its partnership with VMware

Ecritel, and its subsidiary Oxyd, announced the renewal of their partnership with VMware, the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure. Within the program "Enterprise Service Provider", the two companies go to the next level and become “vCloud ™ Powered” for even more safety and comfort in the cloud.

VCloud Powered services

VCloud Powered services enable Ecritel and its subsidiary to quickly take advantage of the benefits of compatibility, flexibility and scalability of VMware hybrid cloud, including:

Extension of the Datacenter

Ability to freely move workloads virtualized datacenter to a secure public cloud.

A secure infrastructure
The ability to group and deploy with confidence, workloads and mission-critical applications in a public cloud-based architecture that is complete and secure.

Access to a vast ecosystem
Option to choose from a wide range of vCloud Powered services available worldwide and adapted to any use or business needs.

Through this new partnership

Through this new partnership with VMware, Ecritel is able to bring added benefit to its client’s by using virtualization and leveraging leading cloud infrastructure solutions that adapt to their business goals, enabling them to gain a competitive advantage.