Environmental responsibility

Ecritel matters. Sustainable development is part of our culture: from the very beginning, we have developed an environmental policy focusing on aspects such as the environment, society and the economy.

Purchase Policy

Ecritel has an environment-friendly purchasing policy. When choosing our suppliers we evaluate criteria such as; eco-conception, energy consumption, product lifespan, labelling etc... For example, we prefer purchasing equipment with a long life span and try to source it as close as possible to avoid unnecessary transportation costs.

Our datacentres

Ecritel only chooses green oriented datacenters with up-to-date technology for enhancing energy efficiency, reducing environment impact while monitoring various indicators such as PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), CUE (Carbon Usage Effectiveness) and WUE (Water Usage Effectiveness).

In our rooms

ECRITEL undertakes to reduce its energy consumption to supply its servers and Datacenters:

  • DELL Low Voltage servers,
  • Virtualized servers and disc bays,
  • Equipment of the rooms in Cold Corridors.

We provision servers-components with low electrical consumption and modular frames to improve density and CO2 rejection. We avoid waste, and optimize air conditioning by channeling the air with plates and thanks to our Cold Corridor.

Generalizing the cooling system in this entire cloud infrastructure, we get a computing performance but also we reduce, in significant proportions, the energy consumption of 15 to 20%.


For 8 years already, Ecritel turned to virtualization and the development of virtualization solutions of servers on one physical server (VMware, XEN ...) that optimizes the average use of physical resources, including access to network. Indeed, the pooling of material resources for the development of multiple architectures reduces power wastage. The benefits of virtualization and cloud are many, and this allows particularly reduction from 20 to 30% of energy consumption.
This is why Ecritel encourages customers to migrate to this type of hosting, and already has 40% of its customers in virtualized infrastructure.

Management of Waste

In respect of WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment), the company practice as much as possible selective sorting and recycling of packaging by use of skilled providers.
Ecritel aims to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment and contribute to greener growth of ICT and the economy in particular.

Citizen commitment

Support of local associations

The willingness of ECRITEL is to share its success through the support of local associations of childcare.

In France, since 2007, ECRITEL supports the Association named Laafi:

  • Financing the construction of the new cultural center of the Laafi village in Koudougou, the third city of Burkina Faso. ECRITEL launched in partnership with other sponsors (Ile-de-France, BNP Paribas, etc.) the construction of an Internet cafe;
  • Equipment premises with the equipment no longer being used by ECRITEL (servers, computers, etc.);
  • Implementation of training session in Laafi villange allowing students to learn how to use Word and Excel software;
  • Various specific actions.

In each country where the company operates, we support an association of the country. The last action ECRITEL is the support of a nursery in a favela in Rio de Janeiro with the Association Sorrisos no morro (www.sorrisosnomorro.com).