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Customer satisfaction

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The satisfaction of our customers is part of Ecritel's DNA, it is at the heart of our quality policy.

The development of the Ecritel Group is based on the trust that our customers and prospects place in us.

This satisfaction is everybody's business, it is obtained thanks to a smooth and regular communication, the respect of our engagements, and always better services.


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Excellence is our performance lever.

It has been involved in the heritage and culture of our group over time; to become indissociable today.

Our employees, whether operational or managers, all share a common denominator: they want to be the best to give the best to our customers.


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We love competence and excellence, but we appreciate and thank them more when they are accompanied by humility.

In a context of demonstration, we think that the attention is limited to the detriment of the open mind, the humility thus makes it possible to be put in question to advance even better and always further.


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We develop and encourage team spirit: we value exchange and sharing between employees.

We value everyone's added value, the synergies of the community and the pooling of efforts to move in the same direction.



We attach great importance to respect for our employees.

We encourage mutual respect to ensure a work environment that promotes individual and collective well-being.

Respect also means recognizing colleagues and the hierarchy.

Also, we make sure to transmit this non-negligible aspect of life at work to all our teams.