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Every business requires a computing infrastructure that can quickly adapt to their needs. 
The Ecritel Cloud Center is a fully Managed Cloud Solution that provides the flexibility to meet your evolving business needs.

Outsource your infrastructure while retaining full control of your information systems!


Multi-tenant high performing infrastructure: Self-Service portal combined with our world-class management services provides the best of both worlds. Easy, self-service, fully customizable, on-demand resources within Ecritel’s Managed Cloud Hosting platform. 


Dedicated Infrastructure in our managed datacenter: An environment built and maintained to your exacting specifications with Ecritel’s world-class expertise and assistance. Let us collaborate with you to create an infrastructure specifically built to meet your needs. 


Ecritel’s world-class engineers can create a hybrid environment combining your in-house infrastructure with Ecritel’s Managed Cloud (public and/or private) to create a custom solution to meet your business needs and technical requirements.

Need for VM of Public Clouds ?

Don’t panic, Ecritel propose to manage via our customer portal your cloud infrastructures, in our DC or at your place ! Moreover, Ecritel offers administration and managed service of these infrastructures.


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Google Cloud

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Alibaba Cloud

Our service commitments

99,99 %

Availability Rate Guarantee

15 Minutes

Guaranteed Intervention Time

4 hours

Time Recovery Guarantee

High availability hosting

Hebergement cloud

Ecritel E2C Cloud is also ranked in the top 5 in the ip-label ranking for sites availability and site access performance.

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