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Learn everything about our CDN multi-operator solution that brings together the best CDN providers! Our solution is powerful and easily to deploy. It improves the delivery performance of your sites or applications, and enhances the experience of your users.

Caching Services

Picto services de caching

Cache static content closer to the end user for faster distribution

Advanced DNS

CDN avancé

IP address geolocation and mapping


CDN temps réel

Monitoring and management

Good Practices

Using a content delivery network is a must!

A user’s high-speed connection only solves a tiny portion of performance problems as bottlenecks can be located at different levels; an optimum CDN solution will, in a simple manner, circumvent these Internet-related bottlenecks, as illustrated by the figure bellow:

Schema les bonnes pratiques

The principle of communication between an end user and a website 

A CDN will allow users to access the content of a site quickly regardless of where in the world it is located, and therefore to erase the latency associated with the distance between the host server and the end user.