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Ecritel has 15 strategically located datacenters worldwide. Our datacenters are in New York, Montreal, Paris (France), Shanghai, Hong Kong (China), São Paulo (Brazil) and Moscow.

Ecritel Map

Datacenters and points of presence around the worldEurope in Paris (France)

  • North America to New York (United States) and Montreal (Canada),
  • Asia in Shanghai and Hong Kong (China),
  • South America in São Paulo (Brazil).
  • Russia in Moscow

Ecritel can therefore support your development around the world thanks to all its subsidiaries.

Ecritel's fifty points of presence make it possible to have a strategic position around the world. These POPs contain many of our connections to our various Peering points and transit operators.

Distribution points & subsidiaries

Ecritel is optimizing its network and enabling site acceleration thanks to a multi-operator content distribution offering with a capacity of 30,000 servers (out of 4 operators) located in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.

In order to be closer to its customers, Ecritel also has offices around the world in the following cities:

  • Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux & Vannes
  • Shanghai & Hong Kong
  • New York,
  • São Paulo,
  • Montreal & Toronto,
  • Papeete

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