Cyber risk, a reality


As the leader of your company, topics related to cybersecurity are not necessarily your first concern due to a lack of time or resources.

However, they can quickly become your top priority you are suddenly confronted with a hack or any other attack that comes with disastrous consequences for your organization.

It's a reality: nearly 50% of companies have flaws stemming from human error – either due to a lack of cyber security training or negligence - and due to technological setbacks.

Phishing, ransomware, computer system hacking… Cyber-attacks against organizations have continued to increase and have even intensified in recent months.

Is your business prepared to handle an attack on its computer system?

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Increasingly sophisticated Cyber attcks

Did you know that there are more than 50 types of cyber-hacking attacks?

Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more numerous and sophisticated, they regularly make the headlines, and it is found that on average - 45 days elapse between the time when an insidious attack occurs, and when it is detected by the company.

The consequences of a cyber-attack for an organization can be very serious: financial losses, impact on the image of the company, and loss of confidence in customers and partners.

"Go Security", the solution in 3 missions

Go Security: the new Ecritel solution to offer you global support on cyber security in 3 steps!

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Mission 1 - 360° Diagnostis


Obtain a global visibility of your security by answering a free detailed questionnaire dealing with the technical & human aspects of your organization.

The results: in half a day, our teams are able to scan and diagnose all of your Web & IS equipment.

How ? Signature of a confidentiality agreement (NDA); - Access to your networks; - Full traceability of our actions and submission of a summary report.

Objectives -> a clear vision of your level of protection and the prioritized actions to be taken.

Mission 2 - Audit White Box


Do you wish to complete your Diag '360 °? In the second phase, our experts carry out the security audit of your entire infrastructure - equipment, storage, data integrity, and assessment of the risks incurred in the event of a disaster - thanks to the following actions:

  • Our cyber consultant coordinates with your teams to detect the slightest flaw and vulnerability.
  • An NDA must be signed upstream.
  • Access to your network is necessary.
  • Ecritel traces and logs all its interventions.
  • Intrusion test: the test simulates realistic attack conditions, via several scenarios and allows the correction of detected flaws that can be exploited by hackers.

Objectives -> Carry out a complete audit of your infrastructures, the performance of your system and offer you optimization solutions.

Mission 3 - The Shield


The third and last step offers you:

1 / The best anti-hacking solutions via technologies mastered and dedicated to security to be able to:

  • Analyze changes in real time on your servers and on the network.
  • Detect and block attacks.
  • Filter, secure access, and track actions.
  • Continuously scan and centralize your server traces.

2 / Ecritel Shield portal: view your vulnerabilities in real time on all your equipment and your Web and IS platforms.

3 / Annual awareness campaign for your employees, charter of best practices and phishing tests.

Objectives -> benefit from the best anti-hacking solutions and the Ecritel Shield portal, and effectively educate your teams about cyber threats.

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